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How to prepare for your first therapy


Come to your session in a peak state. Being in a peak state means you’re operating at the level you want to be so that you can achieve ambitions beyond anything you’ve done before.


Prepare paper, pan, tissues, and glass of water.


Make sure you are in a privet space with no distractions. Give yourself a gift of time for yourself.


No sessions while driving.


Turn your phone to Airplane mode.


Make a declaration to bring your life to the next level.

1 Breakthough Session

$150 (90 Minutes)

We will hop on the phone and talk about your unique situation and how I can help.

5- sessions Power Kick



5 session package is usually good for people, who want to target a single issue like social anxiety, breakup, divorce, bad habit or clear a particular trauma that happened in your life.

3-month Deep Dive



(or $400/month for 3 months)

Diving deep into the area of relationship in your life. We will work on traumas, limiting believes and any self-sabotage that keeps you stuck from having a beautiful long-lasting relationship.

Angela M.

“Tatiana Swope is intuitive healer and coach. When we are in session, she holds me in an energetic that is so profound space for me to release the old trauma and embrace who I truly am. Tatiana is a strong and empowered woman and it’s important to me to be facilitated by such a force of love. I had several traumas growing up and her presence helps them melt away! ”

Galina K.

“If you are stuck, if you do not know how to live, if you have lost yourself – then you need Tatiana! This is not an advertising review, this is the real feeling of a person who has lost herself. Only thanks to Tatiana, I remembered who I am and what I want! Thanks a lot! All changes happen softly and naturally, just as if I really knock myself on the door and again.”

Maria Fomina

“I want to thank Tatiana! She is very professional coach. She helped me to realize that I need to stop blaming myself, that I need to accept my “negative” emotions and how I can do it.
We had very powerful session! Very nice and positive lady. I would definitely recommend her.”

Natallia Chukhno

“Tatiana is a Gift from Heaven to me! I’ve been going through very tough times in my life and she helped me to get to the bottom of every issue. During her session she goes so deep that I cry like a baby as soon as I start “tapping my crap”. My sessions with her are always full of emotions, but she navigates it right to the point so I don’t get lost in my infinite thoughts. Thanks to Tatiana I’ve done a lot of important internal work, became clear about the connection of my past and my future, improved relationships with mom, and oh….my ex texted me back right after I tapped on him and on my personal life, even though we haven’t talked for more than two months at that point. Seems like my “callings” about him were so powerful that he wanted to make sure everything is ok with me. After I asked why he contacted me that exact day, he said that he felt some connection and wanted to check on me. That was quite shocking, but definitely helped us to get on the right path. Tatiana is extremely gifted tapping instructor, I admire her with all my heart and she is so much fun! Kombucha, music and dancing after the session will make you a new person!”

Sunil Kalwani

“When I booked my tapping session with Tatiana, I was working on stepping into my power and owning my needs and claiming them. At the time of the session, I was struggling financially and having to take out loans each month. It was getting to the point where I was going to ask work for more money. During our tap, I worked on some of my blocks around this. Afterwards and with Tatiana’s support, I ended up negotiating a $1000 dollar raise at work and the ability to work more from home which allowed me to take care of some of my other needs. I’m extremely grateful for the session for changing a huge part of my life!”

Holly Rebecca

“I can only say great things about working with Tatiana! I thought she were really skilled, caring, compassionate, knowledgeable, and adaptable (in the sense of being able to change course if something came up during the session). I really benefited from the sessions a lot, and felt that I was able to go deeper into my core fears and wounds than I ever have before. I felt very safe and supported working with Tatiana. Cara H. Hi Tatiana, thank you so much for our last session. You are really a wonderful guide and I appreciate you supporting me through this process of change! ”

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1 Breakthough Session
5- sessions Power Kick
3-month Deep Dive